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The Five Steps to Getting Published in Literary Journals.

Here's how it works....

1. Story/Essay Analysis

After you sign up, choose a package (see our Services page), and upload your story or essay, we (i.e., Erik) will carefully read your work and score it in 12 categories: Is your story topical? Is the prose especially stylized or lyrical? Is the story formally experimental? Is it humorous? Dark? Difficult? 

2. Journal List

After scoring your story/essay, we'll plug it into the Submitit Algorithm and match it to literary journals that we think will offer you the best chance of having your work accepted.

3. Formatting & Editing

We'll make sure your story/essay is formatted properly and is free of any obvious errors in grammar and usage. If you've signed up for one of our optional editing services, we'll help take your story to the next level. We also tighten up author bios and work on cover letters.

4. Submissions

And then, on your behalf, we manage the whole submission process, usually in two rounds (always staggered, starting with more prestigious journals) ... and wait. It usually takes several months before we’ve heard from all of the journals. We'll be using a shared email, so you'll see responses as they come in (and you'll hear from us every few weeks).

5. Acceptance!

And hopefully, before too long, we'll be celebrating an acceptance!


So let's get started!

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