The perfect editor is . . .

  1. An expert in the rules of modern English grammar and usage.

  2. Knowledgeable about the styles and tropes of contemporary and historical literature.

  3. Sensitive and eloquent in how they communicate with their writers.

Erik Harper Klass, Submitit's owner, handles all editing services. He has published stories and essays in numerous literary journals and has been nominated for multiple Pushcart Prizes. He has edited the work of dozens of writers, has helped get their work published, and has possibly read more short stories than anyone else on earth.

Try our line editing or copyediting services for free. Send us the first page or two of your story or essay (max. 350 words), and we’ll give you a taste of how important competent and thoughtful editing can be for your work. Just mention "free editing trial" when you sign up.

$50/1,000 words

Copyediting focuses on errors of grammar, spelling, syntax, and common usage. Writers have a notoriously difficult time copyediting their own work. And a story with multiple errors will obviously distract a reader from noticing its potential greatness. There’s simply too much competition out there to submit grammatically imperfect stories. We’ll help you get your work in shape for submitting.

$75/1,000 words

Line editing focuses primarily on “big picture” issues, such as writing style, consistency of voice or concept, and creative content at the paragraph and story level. Good line editing also includes looking for errors in sentence structure, word flow and usage, pacing, and so on. Our line editing services always include copyediting (but not the other way around).


Typically, before we consult with a writer one-on-one, we’ll copyedit or line edit a story. Consulting is a meeting of voices. It allows us to get into a story in much greater detail. If you have questions about a story, or simply want to discuss the writing or submission process in general, consulting is the way to go. (Copyediting and line editing fees are not included in our consulting fees.)