Getting Published is &$%*!#@ hard.
We can help.

Submitit takes the guesswork out of submitting to literary journals.


Our fancy schmancy algorithm—based on data from literally hundreds of journals, from AGNI to ZYZZYVA—allows us to strategically submit your story or essay to the right places. We handle every step of the submission process: from formatting and optional editing, to cover letters, to the actual submissions.


In other words, Submitit will greatly increase your chances of getting published, and you can worry about more important things, like actually writing! 

How well does Submitit work?

Short answer: really well: 65.8% of our stories or essays in the past year were accepted for publication by literary journals.



For a complete list of testimonials and recent "publishings," visit our Testimonials & Publishings page.

“Erik brings kindness, wisdom and deep knowledge to the submission process.”

—Dominica Phetteplace is a Pushcart Prize–winning author. Her work can be found in Zyzzyva, Copper Nickel, Ecotone, The Los Angeles Review, and PANK.

“This process works! We got a story published that I've been trying to get placed for years. And if you run your story through their editing process, I assure you it will come out far better on the other side.”

—Erin Rose Belair has been published in Glimmer Train, Narrative, Greensboro Review, Juked, and more. Submitit helped her publish "Baby Calls It Home" in Green Hills Literary in 2021.

“Getting published in a literary journal was a lifelong dream of mine. After years of rejections, Submitit helped me get there! I’m deeply thankful and urge writers to give them a try.”

—Jane Van Cantfort has an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of San Francisco. She has published short stories in a variety of magazines, and her novel, Went Away, is available on Amazon. Submitit helped her publish "Morning" in Fiction on the Web in 2021.



“If you're looking for some where/how/when guidance when it comes to submitting your work—personal care kind of guidance, turnkey kind of guidance, and "Hey by the way, I wouldn't say that in my bio" kind of guidance—you could not do any better than Submitit and its amazing (algo) rhythm method. It's fookin' brilliant.

—H S Derkin has been published inThe Fabulist, and he won first Prize in a contest by Delizon Publishers. Submitit helped him publish "How You Learn to Drive Truck" in Charge Magazine in 2021.

“From submission strategy to final copyedits, my stories always feel set up for success with Submitit—and that leaves me more time to write. Win-win!”

—J. Parker is a best selling author. His work has appeared in Carve, The Collagist, and Nanoism, among other journals.

“If you're  an aspiring writer wandering in the publishing desert and need some sparkling water, look no further than Submitit.”

—John Van Wagner lives and writes in New Jersey. Submitit helped him publish "Fadeout" in Potato Soup Journal in 2021 (his first major publication).



“The writers and editors at Submitit have been very helpful in guiding me through the entire submission process. Their notes and editing have been thorough and have greatly improved my story. Their extensive knowledge of literary journals will vastly improve any writers chances of a story finding a home.”

—Writer and teacher Scott Johnson earned his MFA from Notre Dame University. He’s a “Trailing Spouse” in the U.S. Foreign Service and currently lives with his family in Cambodia.