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Submitit's Client Portal

Submitit has recently (July 11, 2024) introduced a huge update: an (almost) magical platform.

While in the past, Erik and Christine used to do everything manually (invoicing, client intake, recording story details, tracking story progress in excel sheets, etc.), our new system will automate much of this. (This means we'll have more time for editing and scaling our service, yay!)

It will also give clients more control of the process. We're calling the client side of the platform (that is, your side) the "Client Portal." This post will take you on a quick tour of its most important features.


Client Portal Overview

The Portal will allow you to do the following:

  • check the status of your work any time (no waiting for check-in emails)

  • add new stories (no need to use our old sign-up form)

  • add on services (such as editing or extra journals) to existing stories

  • update your bio (more below)

  • add journals to your “Do Not Submit” list (more below)


Signing In

To access the Portal, click here. (You can also click the Client Portal button on our website menu.) When signing in, make sure to use your personal email (not our shared email). (If you signed up with Submitit after June 11, 2024, you should have received a temporary password. If you forgot it, just click the “Forgot your password?” link on the sign-in page.)


Note: If you’re an existing client (from before June 11, 2024), enter your personal email and click “Forgot your password?” You’ll receive an email with next steps.


Updating Your Profile

Your Profile includes the following:

  • personal information (name, address, etc.)

  • “do not submit” list

  • bio


To get started, click the Edit button:


“Do Not Submit” List

This list is for journals that you may have submitted to on your own, or that you simply would like us to automatically skip when we run the algorithm.

  • To add a journal, start typing the journal name; then click the journal.

  • If a journal doesn’t show up, check your spelling. If it still doesn’t show up, it’s probably not in our database (for any one of many reasons).

  • To remove a journal from your list, just click the “×” before the name (the journals will be in alphabetical order).

  • Note: You do not need to add journals submitted through Submitit. We keep track of these automatically.


For our submission packages, we need a third-person bio (fewer than 50 words). Here’s how to write a winning bio. Enter your bio in the “Bio” field:


Checking Story/Essay Status

You can now check the status of your stories (or essays) any time. Go to your Dashboard and scroll down to the Stories section. Click the title or “View Results.”


All submissions (and their statuses) for that story will show up on the next page:



One more cool feature: You can see and download past invoices (but only for purchases after June, 11 2024). Just click your name at the top right to bring up the menu, and click Orders:



That’s about it. If you have any questions, please let us know ( Enjoy!

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