Congratulations to Ann Montgomery for an Accepted Essay!

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

I'm very happy to announce that Ann Montgomery got her wonderful (and wonderfully titled) creative nonfiction piece "Papaya Abortion" accepted to Long River Review. This was one of our first-round submissions (an 82% match). Long River Review is an excellent journal, university run (University of Connecticut), well-edited, diversely voiced. And they are lucky to get such a wonderful piece of writing. Congrats, Ann!

Ann Montgomery has been a midwife for the past twenty years in conflict zones, post-disaster settings, and Canada's Arctic. She has a PhD in Epidemiology that focused on preventing maternal death in low-income countries. When not working, she lives on a sailboat on the ocean with her partner. This is her first published short story since eighth grade. If you'd like to learn more about Ann, check out her blog:

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