Another Month of Acceptances!

We've had another great month of acceptances (I'll get to this in a second). One thing I've been noticing is that my second rounds of submissions have been rather ridiculously more successful than my first rounds. This honestly isn't surprising—there's a reason second-round journals are, well, second-round journals (they usually have much higher acceptance rates and much lower submissions volume). So this is great. Getting writers published is my goal.

But after hearing from a few clients, I've recently decided to start waiting longer—perhaps a lot longer—between rounds. I know this means sitting around, twiddling our thumbs (although hopefully you're writing your next story!). These less-than-1% journals tend to take months to reply. But hopefully we'll score a few more first-round successes.

I'm going to write more about submission timing soon. Until then, let's celebrate some successes:

First, congrats to DH Singh, whose story "Crown Royal, 1972" was accepted by New World Writing (82% second-round match). DH lives in Santa Monica. This is his first major publication.

Congrats to Bob Moses, whose essay "The Old Boys Book Club" was picked up by Down in the Dirt (83% second-round match). Bob, a former newspaper publisher, lives in Denver, Colorado.

Congrats to Ann Montgomery, whose essay "Guéri par miracle" was accepted by Peatsmoke (82% second-round match). This is the second time I've helped get one of Ann's pieces published. I'm looking forward to more.

Congrats to Wendy Garrett, whose story "Lemonade for Sale" was accepted by Idle Ink (82% second-round match). Wendy Garrett is an emerging writer who currently lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where she has found writing to be the gift that got her through this crazy year.

We also had two additional acceptances: one to The Literatus (76% match) and one to CafeLit (92% match).

I'm thrilled that this crazy algorithm of mine seems to be working. For anyone not on the list above, I truly hope you'll be next. Thanks for reading, and stay safe everyone.

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